MARIPUR NF Advanced Wastewater Treatment System Completes Bureau Veritas Type Approval Tests For IMO MEPC 227(64)

photo of waste water treated to type IMO MEPC 227(64)

ACO MBR Maripur has received Bureau Veritas IMO MEPC 227(64) type approval for its new ACO Maripur NF sewage treatment system.

The BV tests confirm that the Maripur NF MBR treatment plant meets the stringent performance requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC 227(64), which came into force in January 2016.

A spokesperson from ACO Marine said “This is an important step forward in the continuing development of the Maripur product range. It confirms that the new treatment system goes beyond the new MEPC 227(64) standards to meet the revised discharge requirements, particularly Section 4.2.

The revision requires vessels with more than 12 passengers operating in IMO designated special areas to reduce the phosphorous and nitrogen content of treated effluent. There is no mandate for this in the existing requirement. The new regulations are going to hit the industry hard as there are still a significant number of systems in operation that are failing to meet the existing standard let alone the new one.

Type-approval testing has verified that the Maripur MBR NF can reduce Coliform Bacteria to 17.5 count/100ml [standard is 100 count/100ml], TSS to 2.4mg/l [standard is 35mg/l],?BOD to 7.3mg/l [standard is 25mg/l], and COD to 60mg/l [standard is 125mg/l], while?nitrogen and phosphorous content is significantly below the mandated levels of 20mg/l and 1mg/l at 7.2mg/l and 0.3mg/l respectively.

The Maripur NF is the first BV type-approved waste water treatment system introduced to meet the new resolution. The new range is very simple to install as a new build or retrofit solution, making it a very attractive treatment option for owners and builders who require the operational flexibility to operate in all areas, including the IMO designated Special Areas.

If you’re confused about the resolution, Servac can help.

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