What?s The Best Compact Sewage Management System For Offshore Vessels?

photo of off shore vessel and compact sewage treatment centre

When you’re working offshore with limited space, you need a compact sewage management system that is efficient. Deciding which one is best can be difficult, and sometimes you need to compromise space for efficiency or vice versa. Fortunately the Ecomar range not only fits the smallest of offshore vessels, but has a microprocessor which manages all the functions automatically.

Compared to its peers, the Ecomar Sewage treatment system performs well. The Ecomar 6 is constructed with a central tank made of polypropylene mounted on a steel seating. The LCD electronic control panel with microprocessor manages all functions of the system automatically. The unit has very low electric consumption and because the unit is physical/chemical it can be turned off and on as required with no effect to the treatment process

The Ecomar 6 is the ideal sewage treatment system for the smallest of vessels. With a footprint of only 50cm x 50cm x 68cm and a weight of 30Kg, the unit has the capacity to treat 2,300 Litres per day.

It can be supplied with various power options 24v D.C, 230v A.C and 400v A.C with an option of bridge remote control panel.

The Ecomar range has six options the 6, 8, 16, 24, 50, and 120 units.

If this equipment isn’t suitable for your use, Servac can provide alternatives and any additional information on the Ecomar range of sewage treatment systems.

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