How Train Toilets Have Changed Over Time

photo of train wheels for train toilet history blog

Train toilet history doesn’t sound a compelling read however, as with all sanitation systems, they have evolved over time to comply with the latest regulations and improved the way in which they function.

Did you know that on modern trains, the waste from toilets is kept in storage tanks which are emptied at technical stations when the cars are cleaned. Processing the waste in this way allows the safe and environmentally friendly way to empty the tanks, while preserving the environment and the health and safety of the service staff. This wasn’t always the case in train toilet history! Thankfully some health and safety regulations have evolved too.

Maintenance of these hygiene systems on trains is also important to keep them clean, safe, and in full operating order for passengers’ comfort. Passengers expect high standards both in their travel area, and in the accompanying facilities. And why not?

Servac work with an array of toilet and waste water modules on trains in the UK and are an approved service support team for Glova.

photo of model train set with rail vacuum toilets