ACO Marine PowerVac Generation Pump Launched At SMM 2016

ACO Marine PowerVac

Servac are the UK distributor of ACO Marine products and saw the Hamburg SMM 2016 launch of the very latest vacuum unit to accompany the commercial marine range. The new Power Vac was launched to a welcome response.

Designed for vacuum toilets, black water collection and wastewater transfer systems, the ACO PowerVAC is a powerful, robust vacuum generation and dual-phase sewage/air pumping unit.

This pumping unit is compact and has a low weight design. It is available with capacities ranging from 90 to 670 flushes per hour and creates a strong vacuum with up to an 8m suction lift. This means it is capable of pumping effluent directly to holding tanks and ACO Marine’s Clarimar MF and Maripur NF wastewater treatment plants without the need for a temporary collection reservoir. Delivery heads range up to a maximum of 40m total lift.

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photo of model train set with rail vacuum toilets