ACO Clarimar MF-10R and FSS250 Biological Grease Trap

Servac delivered a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), transferred into the vessel, welded, assembled and tested on board in 21 days, including the removal of the old system. Our flexible design allowed a standard Clarimar MF configuration to be adapted to fit within the available space envelope whilst at the same time maintaining access to surrounding engine room equipment.

Vessel information:

  • Crew 122 persons
  • 8,234grt Dive Support Vessel
  • Survey carried out in Blyth, UK. Refit Yard Fayard, Denmark

Benefits of the ACO Clarimar MF ‘flat-pack’ STP solution

  • No requirement to cut access hole(s) through ship’s hull and wing tanks
  • Minimal, if any, disruption to existing ship equipment installations
  • Same, if not less, time to complete installation
  • Minimal intervention by ship and yard personnel
  • Significant cost saving
  • New solution treats not only black water, but now also grey

Preparation of New Seating

ACO Clarimar MF-10R Flat Pack STP as delivered

Welding of ACO Clarimar MF-10R on board

New engine room layout with Clarimar MF-10R and Biological Grease Trap FSS250