Expert toilets and waste water service providers to the rail and marine industries.

Let’s be honest. When you really need to go,
the last thing you want is a bad experience.

While it’s not often the first thing people talk about from their journey, toilets can leave a lasting impression of your business and you don’t want to be caught short!

At Servac, we are celebrating 30 years since we started supplying, installing, and repairing toilets. Over this time, we have provided expertise and innovation for the rail and marine industries and prominent sites on land.

While toilets, in some form, have been around for thousands of years, most toilets haven’t changed in around 150 years since Sir John Harrington invented the flushing toilet. However, modern toilets have come a long way. Our toilets focus on consumer comfort, reliability and environmental water savings, designed to meet the constantly changing regulations for wastewater management in the rail industry.

Our aim is to ensure your passengers have the most comfortable journey while keeping your rolling stock moving. We understand the importance of quality servicing and cleaning. We are experts in train and Controlled Emission Toilets (CET). Our facility in West Sussex is equipped with the latest technology for accurate servicing, fault diagnosis and testing of vacuum toilets and CET tanks.

So don’t let your toilets drive you round the u-bend. Servac have the experience and expertise to relieve you from the worry of your toilet wastewater systems and keep your customers moving in a safe and comfortable environment.

Servac is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered company with NQA accreditation.




“I have had occasion to work with Steve Hadnett (Servac MD) and found him both very helpful and extremely professional.”

Les Beacham, Support Engineer

Sectors we work in

Sevac Rail

Keep Your Rolling Stock Moving

We are experts in rail vacuum toilets and CET Tanks. We supply spares and service and repair train vacuum units for current and legacy train toilet systems, provide diagnostic testing, maintenance and cleaning for rail wastewater systems with industry leading technology to help you keep track of your assets.

Servac Marine

Marine Vacuum Toilets & Pipework

We are constantly updating our products and services for ship owners and management companies to meet the evolving marine waste water regulations as well as offering solutions to the developing marine sectors of wind energy and offshore accommodation.

Vacuum Toilets & Waste Systems

From industrial kitchens to sport stadiums, public buildings and hospitals to hotels, we are experts in installation and servicing of toilets and waste water systems. Whether collecting roof rain water or handling oily kitchen water, our vacuum systems are the ideal choice.

If you would like to find out more, please call 01243 544794 or you can email us at servac@servacint.co.uk