Descale+ Is An Advanced Acid Replacement Descaling Product

Servac have developed Descale+ with a leading bio-science manufacturer. It is an an advanced formulation for descaling a variety of equipment. It is often used in toilets, urinals, waste pipes, kettles and boilers. It includes degreasing surfactants to improve scale removal so there is no need for a separate degreaser treatment.

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Vacuum Toilet Line

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale pipe image before treatment

After Descale+ Treatment

Pipe after treatment


Saves time and money

Environmentally friendly

Dissolves more scale than citric acid

No need for separate degreasers

Wide range of uses

100% Biological

Reduces the number of chemicals required to do the same job

Descale+ performs like sulphamic acid and dissolves more scale than phosphoric acid. It has been proven to be more effective than citric and other organic acids at equivalent in-use concentration.

Another advantage of Descale+ is that it contains a powerful degreasing capability within its formulation. It can therefore operate in the presence of oil and grease where other descaling products would require a separate degreasing treatment.

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Train Collection Effluent Tank (CET)

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale CET Before 2017

After Descale+ Treatment

Descale CET After treatment

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Semlet-K Train Toilet

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale Semlet-K Toilet Before Treatment

After Descale+ Treatment

Descale Semlet-K After Treatment