Descale+ Is An Advanced Acid Replacement Descaling Product

Servac have developed Descale+ with a leading bio-science manufacturer. It is an an advanced formulation for descaling a variety of equipment. It is ideal for use on effluent tanks, and industrial/commercial toilets and vacuum pipework where the utilities are heavily used and systems need to be kept running. This product works while you do. It is often used in smaller doses in restaurant and pub toilets, urinals, waste pipes, kettles and boilers.

It includes degreasing surfactants to improve scale removal so there is no need for a separate degreaser treatment.

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Vacuum Toilet Line

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale pipe image before treatment

After Descale+ Treatment

Pipe after treatment


Saves time and money

Environmentally friendly

Dissolves more scale than citric acid

No need for separate degreasers

Wide range of uses

100% Biological

Reduces the number of chemicals required to do the same job

Descale+ performs like sulphamic acid and dissolves more scale than phosphoric acid. It has been proven to be more effective than citric and other organic acids at equivalent in-use concentration.

Another advantage of this product+ is that it contains a powerful degreasing capability within its formulation. It can therefore operate in the presence of oil and grease where other descaling products would require a separate degreasing treatment.

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Train Collection Effluent Tank (CET)

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale CET Before 2017

After Descale+ Treatment

Descale CET After treatment

Before and After Descale+ Treatment On Semlet-K Train Toilet

Before Descale+ Treatment

Descale Semlet-K Toilet Before Treatment

After Descale+ Treatment

Descale Semlet-K After Treatment