General Purpose Bio-Cleaner Is A High Performance, Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

Servac have developed General Purpose Bio-Cleaner with a leading bio-science manufacturer. It is an an high performance product for use on hard and soft surfaces in a variety of environments. It combines high performance chemistry with natural micro-organisms. The result is a superior, environmentally-preferred solution to a wide range of cleaning applications.


Highly effective in controlling malodours

High dilution, low cost use

Environmentally friendly

Single product for whole washroom

Non corrosive to skin, No VOCs, solvents or phosphates

Highly biodegradable

Using General Purpose Bio-Cleaner results in an instant clean followed by the ongoing degradation of organic wastes and soils. The bacteria breakdown a wide variety of compounds such as fats, grease, proteins, starch and sugars found in common waste types.

The formulation is readily biodegradable and has an excellent environmental profile. It also has a 2 year shelf life when left unopened.