The Flovac vacuum system is proven for above and below ground use

Servac is a leading designer, supplier and operator of vacuum sewer systems with over 30 years? experience. This experience has led to the development of the most technologically advanced and operator friendly vacuum interface valve in the market today.

Servac are an approved distributor for Flovac vacuum systems

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The Flovac valve?is the latest development of the vacuum interface valve and fully complies with the European Standard EN1091, the Australian Standard AS 4310 and the German Standard DWA-A-116. Our production facilities are BS EN ISO 9001-2006 certified.

Our R&D efforts are collaboration between our engineers as well as operational experts. We offer a 10 year warranty proving our valve is a high quality product.


10 year warranty

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Update or renovate existing Flovac systems

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How The Flovac Vacuum Works

  • Sewage flows by short gravity pipe work from homes into a collection chamber.
  • When approximately 80 litres accumulates in the sump, the vacuum interface valve (located above the sump) automatically opens and differential air pressure propels the sewage through the valve and into the vacuum main.
  • Sewage flows through the vacuum lines and into the collection tank at the vacuum station.
  • The sewage pumps transfer the sewage from the collection tank to the wastewater treatment facility or nearby gravity manhole.
  • There are no electrical connections required at the collection point, only at the vacuum station.
  • Monitoring is highly recommended, especially for longer systems.