Whether collecting roof rain water or handling oily kitchen water, our vacuum systems are the ideal choice.

Toilets & Waste Water Solutions for the Land Industry

From system design to supply and installation, we are experts in providing vacuum toilets and waste water systems to deal with all types of waste or greasy water. Our vacuum systems can be neatly positioned to minimise their impact on space and visibility, often without the need for connections to an electrical power source.

Our systems are designed to meet, or exceed, the changing regulations and needs of handling all types of waste water.

“I have had occasion to work with Steve Hadnett (Servac MD) and found him both very helpful and extremely professional.”

Les Beacham, Support Engineer

Industrial Kitchens

Prevent oily kitchen water being discharged directly to the sewer. As responsible grease separator manufacturers, we look to match, or exceed regulations for grease separator performance covered in the DIN V4040-2/99 and rated at EN1825, or better the EN1825+, which define discharge limits.

Stadiums & Sports Facilities

Roof drainage is one typical example of the versatility of vacuum technology. Choosing a vacuum system for roof drainage allows storm water to be lifted to the back of the roof for disposal to ground level eliminating the requirement for down pipes so leaving an unobstructed view for spectators. The removal of roof down pipes may also increase the aesthetic appeal of buildings frontage.

Public Buildings

The inherent versatility and flexibility of vacuum technology allows vacuum stations to be positioned almost anywhere on the site for the of waste, flood or condense waters to be collected. Collection points can be located throughout the site without the need for connections to an electrical power source. Servac vacuum sewerage technology is the ideal choice.


Servac installed a vacuum system at Great Ormond St Hospital to collect radioactive sewage from the treatment of cancer.Consequently the vacuum sewage collection system must be totally closed and isolated then stored in confined area until radioactivity has decreased to safe levels.


Conventional gravity drainage system can place severe constraints on room layout, with loss of valuable floor space. Vacuum systems allow architects to designer the most convenient position, suitable for individual bathroom layouts, and public services within existing buildings.

Land Toilet & Waste Water Services

Design & Supply

  • System design
  • Surveys
  • Equipment supply
  • System Installations
  • Spare parts
  • Portable vacuum plants
  • Sewers and drains

Plumbing Specialists

  • Pump overhaul
  • Compressor overhaul
  • Pipe work install
  • Grease separator servicing
  • Machining
  • Control panel servicing
  • Collection tanks

Water Systems

  • Gravity & vacuum toilets
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Control panels
  • Grease separators
  • Push fit piping systems
  • Sewer interface valves

Waste & Cleaning

  • Sewage plants
  • Grey water tanks
  • Vacuum tanks
  • Black water lines
  • Grey water lines
  • Vacuum pipe work descale
  • Biological cleaning products

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