The ACO Clarimar Sewage Treatment Plant – MF – ACO-MF Bio-Sword Filtration Technology

The ACO Clarimar sewage treatment plant incorporates ACO-MF filtration technology eliminating the requirement for settling and chlorination stages. Disinfection of the treated effluent is by in-line mounted UV lamp with no requirement for chemicals in any part of the process.

IMO has adopted RESOLUTION MEPC 227(64) with revised guidelines for effluent standards and performance test procedures for sewage plants. These guidelines, adopted in October 2012, which supersede resolution MEPC 159 (55), include the standards of section 4.2 that specifically apply to passenger ships operating in MARPOL Annex IV special areas and which intend to discharge treated sewage effluent into the sea. The ACO Clarimar range of sewage treatment plants are fully certified by Bureau Veritas (BV) to IMO MEPC 227 (64) [excluding ?4.2] Manufacturing, Test and Quality Management are certified to ISO9001:2009/ISO9001:2008 and EC MED Module D.

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Type Approved to IMO MEPC 227(64) and EC MED Module B
Compatible with both gravity and vacuum systems
Manufactured entirely in the EU from high performance materials which, unlike coated black steel, are completely corrosion resistant and light weight
Modular design concept for simple installation requiring only one power connection
Lowest running costs of any sewage treatment plant on the market with minimal operator intervention
Simple automated operation requires minimal operator intervention and maintenance

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How the Clarimar sewage treatment process works

Disinfection of outlet treated water is carried out by the unit mounted UV lamp. A separate Discharge & Maintenance Pump (DMP) provides the higher capacity de-sludge and emptying requirement. Treated effluent water is colourless and odourless. Discharge is controlled by level control connected to the effluent discharge pump.

Diagram of the ACO Clarimar process

Sewage and waste water enters into the main activation stage where it is thoroughly mixed and aerated by fine bubble aeration membrane elements. Mounted blower(s) (an optional standby unit is available) provide air to the aeration elements whose innovative design allows quick and easy removal for cleaning. Aerobic bacteria and microorganisms, naturally present within the waste material, break down the organic matter into mostly carbon dioxide, water and inert nonorganic material. Throughout the process the bacteria cells continue to reproduce new organisms to sustain the biological process. High efficiency of purification is ensured by the use of biocarrier.

Clean water from the mixed liquor in the sword chamber is drawn through the ACO-MF bio-sword by the effluent discharge pump (an optional standby unit is available) and discharged either directly overboard or alternatively to be recycled back into ship?s storage for re-use as technical fresh water for all non-potable requirements such as toilet flushing, deck washing or even laundry applications.