The ACO Marine AVT Smart100 Toilet For Passenger Ships

The electronic version of the vacuum toilet, ACO AVT Smart100, has been designed to meet market demand from the passenger ship sector for a low-noise, smart toilet system capable of intelligent operation. It is the diagnostics function of the intelligent ACO AVT Smart100, however, that is expected to set the standard in passenger ship sanitation.


Remote operation of all toilet functions
Reduces maintenance
Reduces operational costs
Does not rely on external problem notification
Patent protected system
Fewer parts than comparable toilets

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Incorporating a fully-programmable microchip in the control system, ship engineering teams can, for the first time, remotely control, monitor and maintain all the toilet’s functions. Operators can adjust flushing and suction sequences and monitor the condition of each toilet connected to vessel’s wastewater system. Typically, engineers would have to trace the system back to find which toilet had malfunctioned or wait for a passenger to report a problem.

The ACO AVT Smart100 range offers a completely new dimension to system maintenance and operations, allowing operators to remotely adjust the parameters and flushing cycles of each individual toilet. This significantly improves maintenance schedules and reduces operational costs, since the smart technology automatically alerts the operator to which toilet on the network has malfunctioned and which component has failed. Ships’ crews can effect repairs immediately and before passengers get wind of a problem.

The ACO Marine AVT 100 Hydraulic Toilet

If it’s simplicity you are looking for on commercial vessels then this toilet is the version you need.

The hydraulic variant of vacuum toilet ACO AVT 100, has been designed to meet market demand from the commercial merchant ship market, due in part to its low cost and reduced maintenance proposition. Compared to existing vacuum toilets, the ACO AVT 100 of the ACO design use different operating and control arrangements. For instance, each toilet has fewer components than competing systems. Instead, each ACO AVT 100 operates a patent-protected self-closing/opening pressure valve for direct flushing. This significantly improves maintenance schedules and reduces operational costs.