Auramarine MGO Handling System Cools Marine Gas Oil Even Below 20 Degrees Celsius

The Auramarine MGO Handling system is product to help marine traffic move towards producing lower sulphur emissions all over the world. We can offer?superior experience in ship fuel systems and can offer fast, reliable and affordable services when switching to low sulphur fuel.

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How the Auramarine MGO handling system works

Ensuring lubrication: number one priority
Because of the lower viscosity of Marine Gas Oil (MGO), the?lubrication requirements of the engine manufacturer may not be met. In most marine diesel engines, the viscosity of the fuel needs to be at least 2.0 cSt. At normal temperature, the viscosity of MGO varies between 1-2 cSt, which means that sufficient engine lubrication can no longer be guaranteed. The viscosity can be improved with additives, but this is relatively costly. However, there is a much more affordable way of ensuring proper lubrication and sufficient viscosity.

Auramarine MGO cooling system
The solution offered by Auramarine is simple and reliable. This handling cooling system cooling chills Marine Gas Oil
even below 20 degrees Celsius, so that the viscosity and lubricity meet the requirements of the engine manufacturers. For the cooling of the MGO, we use a system consisting of a Chilling unit and an MGO Cooler unit.

Stages of the alteration process
The complete process has to include a report on the starting conditions, an inspection of the existing?equipment and the alteration work. As a turnkey supplier, Auramarine can assume responsibility for the proper follow-through of all these stages.

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The high quality of Auramarine operations is guaranteed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2 certificates.


Can be applied to both old and new ships
Can be installed relatively freely, utilising the free space onboard
Can be formed into an integrated compact configuration
Delivery on a turn-key basis
Proven to be effective and durable
Reliable and easy to use
Global maintenance network and a spare parts service

Fuel Temperature Versus Viscosity

Auramarine MGO Units And Operating Principles

diagram of Auramarine MGO handling units and operating principles

For the cooling of MGO to sufficient viscosity, we?use a system consisting of two main units: the Auramarine Combi Chiller unit and MGO Cooler Unit.

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MGO Combi Chiller

A complete unit for the cooling of fresh water in the Marine Gas Oil cooling water circuit. The unit consist of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, filters, a control panel and all necessary valves and fittings for operation.

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MGO Cooler Units

The purpose of the unit is to keep the viscosity of the MGO suitable for the engine. The unit contains a cooler, a viscosity sensor (range 0-10 cSt)*, a three way control valve on the water side for cooling control, a temperature transmitter on the MGO outlet line for mA signal to ECR and all necessary valves and fittings for operation.

*an option