The Tecnicomar Ecomar provides internationally compliant treatment of grey and black water

The Tecnicomar ECOmar 340 Sewage Treatment Plant allows you to treat grey and black water in compliance with international standards. The?treated water can be safely and directly discharged over board into the sea.

Servac are THE approved Commercial Marine distributor for Tecnicomar?products in the UK



Pollution Free: The disinfectant does not release poisonous substances
No Waste on board:?No sludge tank is required
Easy to use: Totally automatic with manually?over-ride
Compact: Compact for use?in small engine rooms
Versatile: All voltages and frequencies

This product is Lloyds Register Certified to MEPC 227(64) and European Directives (MED) 96/98/EC and subsequent directives by DNV-GL and is also U.S. Coast guard certified.

Certification includes MEPC 227(64) section 4.2 ? Authorised for use in ?special areas?.

The Tecnicomar Ecomar Range

image of Ecomar range

How the Tecnicomar Ecomar Unit Works

The Sewage treatment is carried out by a chemical-physical reaction using disinfectant to treat the water and reduce the sediment particles to an acceptable standard to be discharged directly overboard. At the end of each treatment cycle the system automatically washes the system using fresh sea water.