Tecnicomar Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Range

The Tecnicomar desalination plants are manufactured using advanced design technology and construction which complies with current industry regulations. All components used in the construction are corrosion resistant; make the desalination plants reliable, practical and durable. The wide range allows you to choose the ideal solution for space saving, power consumption and the production of fresh water.

Servac are THE approved Commercial Marine distributor for Tecnicomar products in the UK



Pollution Free: The disinfectant does not release poisonous substances
No Waste on board: No sludge tank is required
Easy to use: Totally automatic with manually over-ride
Compact: Compact for use in small engine rooms
Versatile: All voltages and frequencies

These products are Lloyds Register Certified to MEPC 227(64) and European Directives (MED) 96/98/EC and subsequent directives by DNV-GL and is also U.S. Coast guard certified.

Certification includes MEPC 227(64) section 4.2 Authorised for use in special areas.

Tecnicomar STDC Special Green ECO Watermaker

The new Tecnicomar ECO water makers produce up to 60% more fresh water and consume up to 35% less of energy consumption than others, based on the same size!

Tecnicomar STDC are automatic Reverse Osmosis systems ideal for the production of high quantities of fresh water from sea water.

The STDC Special Green series is highly reliable for a non-stop continuous operation and designed to work under extreme conditions like high and low temperatures and vibrations. The water makers can be customised for specific exigencies and are assembled on a solid stainless steel frame. Tecnicomar STDC fresh water generators are equipped with an electro-mechanical control panel with display that allows to manage all functions in an intuitive mode. They can run in manual mode in case of temporary failure. The ASME approved pressure vessels are made of reinforced fibre glass.

The weight is about 50% lower compared to competitor?s units with the same flow rate.

image of tecnicomar watermaker special green series