Micro-Ultra Plus Is An Advanced Cleaning and Degreasing Product

Servac have developed Micro-Ultra Plus with a leading bio-science manufacturer. It is an an advanced design for use on non porous surfaces specifically found on-board ships and off shore structures. It is ideal for use in engine rooms and ancillary equipment rooms as a machine parts, filter cleaner, and deck and cargo hold cleaner. This product has minimal effect on bilge and oily water separator performance due to it’s low usage rate and ‘quick split’ formulation.


Low cost use

Environmentally friendly

Minimal effect on bilge water

No need for lots of products

Wide range of uses

Non corrosive to skin, No VOCs, solvents or phosphates

Highly biodegradable

Micro-Ultra Plus is a micro-emulsion formulation and combines bio-surfactants with naturally occurring plant esters. The result is a highly water soluble dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits of being an excellent detergency and has the pseudo-solvent action of the ester.

The formulation is readily biodegradable and has an excellent environmental profile. It is also non-corrosive to skin.