OilOff Is An Advanced Cleaning and Degreasing Product For Porous Surfaces

Servac have developed OilOff with a leading bio-science manufacturer. It is an an advanced design for use on porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and asphalt. It is ideal for use in loading areas, hard standings, ballast, docks, quays and platforms. It has also been shown to perform very well on wash down of hard surfaces such as sealed concrete floors, decking and machinery.

This product contains specially selected bacteria to biodegrade oily hydrocarbons which work with the ‘quick split’ surfactant package to produce an effective bioremediation tool.


Fast acting

Low cost use

Environmentally friendly

No interference on bilge handling

No need for lots of products

Wide range of uses

Non corrosive to skin, No VOCs, solvents or phosphates

Highly biodegradable

OilOff combines non-petroleum and bio-based surfactants with oily hydrocarbon bacteria to create a product for multiple applications. It’s primary function is to treat porous surfaces where the OilOff penetrates the surface and changes the properties of the contaminants making them easier to remove.

The formulation is readily biodegradable and has an excellent environmental profile. It is also non-corrosive to skin.