Train Toilet and CET Tank Spares

Servac are train toilet and CET tank spares specialists with decades of rail industry knowledge. We can source spares for new build and retrofit systems.

If you are unable to identify a part, simply email us with an image and we will help identify the correct part, saving time and money by not ordering the wrong item. Email us at

Train Toilet Spares

  • Evac 2000
  • Evac compact
  • Semlet K
  • Semvac
  • TMI compact
  • Shroud repairs
  • Float switches
  • Hand dryers
  • Control Panel

CET Tank Spares

  • Waste pipes
  • Ejectors
  • Electronics
  • Cleaning products
  • Pumps
  • Valves

And much more!

Rolling Stock Toilet and CET Tank Servicing

Controlled Emission Toilets (CET) have been fitted as standard into rolling stock built after 1988 and have vastly improved the hygiene on the railway network. These specially designed tanks allow for the safe removal of bio-hazard waste from the train. Toilet facilities on trains can be costly to maintain and are often ranked low in passenger satisfaction surveys, so we understand the importance of quality servicing and cleaning. Servac can service and overhaul a?range of CET tanks from new and retrofit applications.

Mobile, on site tank servicing of tanks is also available. Please contact us on 01243 544794 for more information.

Rolling Stock Toilet Servicing

  • Evac 2000
  • Evac compact
  • Semlet K
  • Semvac
  • TMI compact
  • Shroud repairs

CET Tank Servicing and Overhauls

  • TMI tanks
  • Fresh water tanks
  • Tank conversion
  • Descaling
  • Tank emptying devices
  • Evac CET Tank Ejectors
  • Water pumps

For any questions regarding servicing or spare parts, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.