Descale & Cleaning

Developed for us by experts and IMO compliant for hard working industries

Our team are experts at getting pipework clean with cleaning products developed for us by experts and IMP compliant for hard working industries.

Scale is created when compounds naturally present in urine are broken down slowly by environmental bacteria, eventually into ammonia giving off a characteristic “pee” malodour. In particular, uric acid is soluble at body temperature but insoluble in cold water, hence it will form crystalline deposits in pipes, on surfaces and within the pores of any porous surface.

When enzyme bacteria is added, with the use of uric acid, we can breakdown products as a substrate for growth preventing ammonia production at source. The descaling process will allow the pH to increase slowly and safely towards neutral as mineral scales are dissolved and the acids buffered by alkaline human waste.

Servac Descale+ is based on a descale technology specifically designed for small bore, closed toilet systems and will not affect any component of the toilet. Designed to pass through the toilet bowl, internal pipe work and collection tanks, it helps prevent the need to remove valves and pipes for cleaning. Descale+ has been used effectively in vacuum systems on ships for many years and is part of a product range which is CEFAS accredited with a ‘Gold Band’ – meaning there is no limit to the amount that can be discharged into the sea. Thus, there is no reason why residual Servac Descale+ or treated waste cannot be discharged to a municipal sewer

“I have had occasion to work with Steve Hadnett (Servac MD) and found him both very helpful and extremely professional.”

Les Beacham, Support Engineer